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Tomorrow is the lover’s holiday, Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking of going out on a romantic sushi date with my honey. Yes, indeed. Nothing says romance more than cold squishy fish and a bottle of warm sake! Yum!! A couple of good rolls and we’ll be in heaven.

Of course. you might be thinking of a different kind of roll…. And here’s one of my all-time favorites:

Teri Garr is so young in that movie. I think it was one of her first successes that propelled her to fame. Always a pleasure to watch that movie. I must confess I know almost every word by heart! Just one of those curious things about me.

In other news, the book world is reeling from the announcement that Samhain Press will close at the end of February. Coming on the heels of the demise of All Romance Ebooks, authors and publishers are scrambling to make sense of this shattering news. Nobody said the pqri-badgeublishing world was easy, but this is getting crazy hard.

But there is also some good news. Out of the ashes of All Romance Ebooks – which sold a lot of GLBTQ works – a new GLBTQ ebook vendor has emerged. Queer Romance Ink has opened and is attracting authors both indie and non-indie. Check them out of you wish to shop for some same-sex-loving in one simple marketplace. I think with some sufficient buzz, this just make take off!

Did someone mention buzz? This guy dropped by to help you get your morning coffee fix. I think he might stay a while if you invite him in…

coffee guy.jpg