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Happy Valentine’s Day!

sssshilohI am lucky and get to post on the best holiday for romance authors. This post is a little late because my hubby and I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. *wink*

Do you know the history of this romantic holiday? If not, it probably won’t be what you think.


I love the art in the Victorian era and the valentines were beautiful. I remember making my own valentines for friends and family when I was a child. I’m not sure many people do that much any longer. It is so easy to just drive to the store and buy a box of valentines. In a sense, the holiday has lost some of its sentimentality and magic. I wanted to remind people of the magic of the holiday and to remind them of simpler times. I hope I succeeded in my novella.


Valentine’s Day didn’t start as a commercial holiday. February 14th became a day associated with love thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer. The author of Canterbury Tales wrote a poem in 1382 entitled “Parliament of Fowles,” about the day when birds choose their mates.  In the poem, an embodiment of Nature speaks to the birds:


Birds, take heed of what I say; and for your welfare and to further your needs I will hasten as fast as I can speak.  You well know how on Saint Valentine’s Day, by my statute and through my ordinance, you come to choose your mates, as I prick you with sweet pain, and then fly on your way.


Chaucer’s poem references a pre-existing belief, at least in medieval England, that February 14 is the day when birds choose their mates. So the mating day for birds transformed into a celebration of romantic love.


stg-valentines-day-3d-coverThat was fascinating, wasn’t it? Do the thought of birds mating get you in the mood? LOL.

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