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sssshilohFebruary has been an amazing month for me writing wise. It is the shortest month of the year and I’ve written 38,500 words. I have completed four new projects. Two of these projects were short stories and the other two were novellas. Three of the four were for calls. Nothing can inspire a story like a publisher’s call!

I have always wanted to be productive daily. I’ve envied the authors who could continually make a large word count day after day. I have recently realized the secret. The secret to productivity is self-disciple AND knowing what you are going to write. The second part was often my problem in the past. I wanted to write daily but I didn’t have a clear vision of what. That would end with me staring at a blank Word document twiddling my thumbs. Even freewriting didn’t get my must going because I didn’t have a project to get to.

As I mentioned above, I finished projects for three calls. In the process, I’ve gotten in the habit of sitting at the computer and at least finishing one chapter a day. Over the past week, I have actually gotten into the habit of writing at least 2k a day. Not quite NaNoWriMo pace but I’m hoping I’ll get there.

I plan to try to continue this habit. I have already chosen another call to write for. After I finish that I’m diving into a story I will probably self-pub. The good news is that the story is outlined chapter by chapter. So when I come to that project and I sit down to write the day’s chapter I won’t be stuck. I will have a plan. I even have that plan written out and sitting in front of me. It reminds me I should be working.

I feel as if I’ve unlocked the key to the future I’ve always wanted. I’ll let you know how March’s productivity goes. I’m starting a new project tomorrow.