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I’m knee deep in a time travel manuscript at the moment, and loving the story that’s developing, even as I’m bending my brains with the science of it. The premise is simple. The heroine, Juliet, does something that changes everything. Not just her life, but hundreds of people’s. That’s the tricksy part about time travel, you see. Tiny changes in the past can have massive impacts in the future.

This song fits the theme perfectly.



It got me thinking. If you could go back and change one thing, just one thing, what would it be?

The guy you dated when you were sixteen, because you were too insecure to say no to him?

The dead-end job you took, that you knew you hated on the day you started there?

The kid you were mean to at school, when it wouldn’t have cost you anything to be kind instead?

Or the night you decided not to buy a Lotto ticket and that store produced a jackpot winner?


What do you wish you could change?