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sssshilohI’ve been writing a lot more lately. I’m pushing myself. I’ve also published more, and have switched to using Pronoun. I love that it gives ebooks professional formatting at the click of a button. I also love that authors get 70% from Amazon even if books are less than $2.99. Who wouldn’t want more money, right?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I censor myself too much, delete too much. I’ve stopped doing that and the stories are flowing. I’m getting to The End faster. And when I send it to my critique partners I have yet to get a “this stinks” response which I find encouraging.

I guess I’m throwing spaghetti on the wall. I want to see what sticks. The more backlist you have the more chance you have at making money. And every penny matters to me right now. I used to look down on the authors who had a giant backlist and all the publishing dates seemed close together. I wondered how they could write quality books so quickly. Yes, some of them were republishing books they received the rights to, so they weren’t publishing all new stuff. But now I get it. I get how it feels like to publish quickly and often. To tell you the truth? I love it.

In other news, I had to verify my Amazon account again. Not sure why after I’ve been a verified author for so long. Pretty painless though after a week an Amazon employee went in and manually approved me without any further questions. Whew.