It’s Sunday and I’ve been at Starbucks for about an hour. After waiting through wave after wave of coffee drinkers the place is now almost empty and boy is the music weird. It’s almost Dylan/60’s/trance/folk music. I have no idea even what that is! I just know it doesn’t make me want to write hot sweaty guy sex. LOL!

So what’s new in the publishing world? It’s been a heck of year in the past little while. I miss Samhain, All Romance Ebooks, Torquere, and Secret Cravings to name a few. We could really use some GOOD news in this industry and I’m hoping that in 2017 we will yet turn the corner for the better.

Yesterday I was a panelist at a writer’s group talking about my writing process (such as it is!). If you take a pantster, wind her up and let her go, that’s me! I think of my characters are bumper car drivers who are going to crash into each other and smash things up on the page. I suppose I’m not the most tender author (LOL!) but with hot sweaty sex on the agenda it’s not required IMO.

Speaking of hot sweaty sex I don’t know how I got myself into reading a book this long but I’m currently part way through The Danger in Daring a Lady by Emma Locke https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28236193-the-danger-in-daring-a-lady and the heroine just had some humpty frottage on the hero while the carriage was moving. Fun! I was happy to see some added friction on the page *grins* but I keep hoping I’ll reach the … uh… .climax! If you know what I mean!!

Happy Monday everyone.



P.S. Here is the cover for the latest issue of Sexy to Go – Gay Romance – available April 1st. (Or now for pre-order)

Gay Couple Love Home Concept