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It never ceases to amaze me that I find myself coming full circle in my writing career. Once upon a time I wrote historical romance, sexy style. And now I am again.

But of course, I never like to write the “popular” thing. Nope, I don’t write regency era books. Instead, I like me some Victorian era naughtiness. The fun part is getting to research what life was really like. Which is what probably keeps me coming back to this genre.

I think the thing I love most is the veneer of respectability that hides a seething mass of sexual fun and depravity. It gives me a deep well of plot options for keeping it sexy. Which I am working hard to do.

Little did I imagine, back when I first came up with The Market that it would grow to be part of three series and a few novellas. But here we are. I have the original Market series books, a new full length series Lustful Lords coming out with Jack’s House, and The Ladies League a steampunk series where The Market plays in a whole new arena. And the best part is all of the kinky fun to be found thanks to the Victorians!

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