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Dear readers,

I have an interesting question for you. How many times have you run across a book with a character wearing a costume? How about a cosplay costume – someone dressed up as a character from a novel, a movie, an anime, a video game, etc.? From the sexy to the silly, the costumes can run the gamete. Take a look at the ones below to see what I mean.

Do you secretly find Darth Vader attractive in a bad boy way? All that shiny black leather and the deep breathing can kind of get to a girl, eh?

Or perhaps you’re a SFR girl and prefer your men in the form of strong, ruthless alien soldiers with a soft spot only for their women:

He’s quite tall – might make a good jungle gym!

He looks pretty grumpy but behind the mask he could be a real pussycat!

Or take these two – both of them. They look like they might be shifters…


And lastly, what about the good old hooded cloak guy? He might be handsome as Chris Helmsworth under all those layers with abs that could you could bounce a quarter off of! You just never know until you peek……


It’s kind of fun to wonder what kind of man dresses up as what kind of creature. Usually the characters themselves are tall, sexy, dark and troubled but redeemable. A good old fashioned romance novel type. So the men that dress as those characters are likely wanting to channel some of that mojo. Does that make it worth peeking under the mask to see what you’ll find?

I’ll leave that up to you, readers!

More later,