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sssshilohUsually, I find it hard to write holiday stories unless the holiday is just around the corner. Publishers typically want holiday stories 4-6 months ahead of the holiday. So I’d have to write my Christmas romance in the middle of summer. It is hard to think about snow when it is 100 degrees outside. Okay, maybe it isn’t. 🙂

There seems to be a lot of holiday calls already listed. Or maybe I’m just looking more closely this year. I just finished a Halloween short story and am looking at another Halloween call for novellas. I’ve already started a Christmas story with a reindeer shifter, too. So I guess I’m really getting into the holidays this year.

I don’t seem to have as many random story ideas in 2017. Something needs to inspire me, or I need to write for a purpose. I think I’ll try to write for more calls this year. I’ve already had two stories accepted that I’ve written for calls. That’s a good start.

So as research for my next Halloween story what is your favorite paranormal creature? I keep changing my answer depending on my mood. Right now I think demons are pretty darn sexy.

Sexy Torso