I know I’ve been absent recently, and really if I told you the amount of things that have been going on in my life, you wouldn’t believe me.

Funny though how I’d come to believe that everything revolved around me, what I did, how I managed. And yet, the moment I broke my ankle almost three weeks ago now, everything stopped. I had no choice but to give over the everyday chores of running a house, keeping two dogs, two cats, six chickens, a husband and family to my youngest daughter who is home from University. Suddenly all the things I deemed important became “meh, we’ll manage.”

Not only have we managed, but we’ve laughed continually at everything, especially my hopeless ability on crutches.

But we’ve also learnt so much. How brilliant the dogs are at sensing my delicate state. They’ve become exceedingly gentle with me. How affectionate the cats are. They take it in turns to lie on my bed. How my youngest has a flair for cooking now that I’ve stepped back and let her get on with things, and how I can write virtually a whole book in less than three weeks.

Yes, I certainly have. From the skeleton of a book and vague inkling of where I was going, the latest in my Atlantic Divide Series is done, self-edited and off to my critique partners. All in less than three weeks.

I wonder what more I can achieve in the next five weeks, while I have my leg elevated. I’ve already started Book 6 – wonder if I can finish it…


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