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sssAllysonI’ve been in a writing slump for several weeks. Maybe it’s because I pushed too hard to make too many tight deadlines, or because spring is calling my name and it’s too gorgeous to stay inside, or just because… moon phases?

But the other day I was struck with inspiration. My muse gifted me with an idea for a hot, naughty short story, and my fingers took off typing.

It’s currently untitled, but I have an NSFW snippet to share anyway.


Jodie had entertained a wide array of fantasies where she moved in, sexy teasing and flirting ensued with Noah, and they fell for each other. By the time she figured out that wasn’t happening, and she was the butt of Logan’s biggest joke to-date, pride wouldn’t let her walk away from the roommate agreement.

She rolled onto her side in bed and tried to block out the cries of ecstasy from Noah’s room. They’d already slid under her skin. With each grunt or groan, heat danced along her nerve endings, sparking with the thrum of her pulse. Knowing she wasn’t destined to be the woman in his bed didn’t stop her from indulging in the fantasy.

Laying in bed when he knocked on her door. Asked if she was still awake. She’d say yes and sit up, keeping the blanket over her legs more as a show of modesty than a sincere attempt.

In her imagination, he didn’t move into view, and she didn’t turn. He brushed aside her hair and traced his lips along the back of her neck. “Mind keeping me company for the night?” His words vibrated against her skin.

“I’d love to.”

He glided his hands under her top and up her stomach to cup her breasts. In real life she mirrored the movement. When she dragged a thumb over her nipple, a gasp tore from her throat. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep quiet, but the other noise in the apartment continued uninterrupted.

Jodie pinched and tugged the swollen nubs on her chest, swallowing her moans. She squeezed her legs together as the throb between increased, and kept her hands above her waist. Stretching the moment out. Teasing herself until dampness pooled between her legs, and she couldn’t resist the pleading for release.

“Lie down.” Fantasy-Noah kissed along the edge of her ear, and tugged on her shoulders.

She trailed a path back down over her navel and to lace of her panties. Her fingers were coated instantly as she dipped between her folds. Her fantasy lover moved into view. Brown eyes so dark they were almost black held her gaze. Hair the same color and a scruff of two days worth of beard framed sharp features. It wasn’t Noah, it was Logan who knelt between her legs.

Damn her imagination. It didn’t matter. Need begged for her attention, and if it was only in her head, was her stepbrother any more off-limits than her roommate?

Besides, when fantasy-Logan nipped at her bottom lip, the crushed his mouth to hers, her heart hammered against her ribs and she couldn’t hold back her groan.


This won’t be available until later in 2017, but if you need something to keep you company in the meantime, I have plenty of other sexy books to pick from, and a list on my website: http://www.allysonlindt.com

Until next time, stay wicked & geeky!