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Yup, I said winter. For us, down in New Zealand, summer was over weeks ago. In theory, this is autumn, but when the night temperature drops into single figures (that’s 33 – 48 degrees F), it sure feels like winter.

Wellington is at the mid point of New Zealand, and believe me, when the southerly wind blows, there’s not a lot of distance between us and the South Pole. That wind bites, especially when it’s carrying horizontal rain, or tiny drops of hail. And Wellington gets a LOT of wind.

That’s why days like today, with clear blue skies, and hardly any breeze ruffling the remaining leaves on the trees, are so special. We can pretend it’s still autumn, for a few hours at least.

While part of me is firmly convinced we should still hibernate throughout the winter months, there are some things I enjoy. In no particular order:

  • a wood-burning fire, with a pile of fragrant, dry logs ready to go
  • the softness of woolen hats, gloves and scarves
  • snuggling into a down-filled coat, and wrapping it around you (on the train) like a mini quilt
  • a winter-weight duvet on the bed, and maybe a fluffy blanket on top; for the cats, you see
  • drinking hot chocolate in the morning, just because 🙂
  • listening to the rain pounding the roof at night, while I drift off to sleep

It also gives me the perfect excuse to not venture out much at the weekend. Curling up with a great book, a glass of wine and a crackling fire… yeah, that’s pretty good.

But until then, I’ll make the most of these last perfect days of almost-summer.

P.S. The beach picture was taken this afternoon. See what I mean about blue skies?

Which season do you like the best?