Are you interested in traveling but don’t want to leave your comfortable couch? Try a travel / long-distance love themed anthology instead!


This new F/F collection includes my story, “Man Trapped Madeline.” In case you’re wondering how this story qualifies as a long-distance romance, read more:


Montana veterinarian Madeline is about to let her fast-moving lover depart when she’s hit with a bombshell. Chloe wants a baby and she wants it now. Stunned, Madeline must contemplate her options quickly and either “man up” or lose the woman she loves.

Lesbian Couple Together Indoors Concept


She whirled and flashed me a smile, but her eyes radiated worry. “There’s something I’m going to do when I get home that I haven’t told you about … yet.”

I scratched my short-trimmed dark hair and prayed for patience, but unease quickly settled into the middle of my chest. It wasn’t like her to keep secrets from me, at least not that I knew of. I sure didn’t have any secrets from her. What she saw was what she got—a stocky mid-thirties rural veterinarian butch living in a comfortable, modernized cabin, who was ragingly in lust with her.

“All right. Is it about your job?”

She shook her head, swishing the cascade of blonde curls around her shoulders. The hair always made her appear young and innocent, but I wasn’t quite buying it.

The worst-case scenario popped into my mind. “Are you … leaving me?”

She came forward and took my hand. “No, silly. But I have made a decision you might not like.”

Oh boy. I was too afraid to ask, so I remained silent, waiting.

She must have gathered her courage from somewhere deep within and found enough of it because her head lifted and her chin came up. “I want a baby.”

“What?” I screeched the word like a pair of squealing breaks on a two-ton pickup truck. If she’d of said she was moving to Mars, I would have been less shocked, but a baby? That was a whopper.

Chloe let go of my hand and backed away toward the door, the last place I wanted her to go.

Grasping for a straw, I stated the obvious. “But … we haven’t discussed a family.”

“I know.”

Was that bitterness I detected in her tone? My mouth dropped open as I found myself suddenly on the defensive. Too stunned to move, I watched her move closer and closer to her suitcase.

“But I’m not getting any younger, Maddy.” Her fingers made a brush over the top of her belly as if imagining a fetus nestled there. Then she bit her lip like she always does when she’s determined.

“I need to get this done, so I’ve made an appointment with the doctors for in vitro. I’m getting my first round done as soon as I get home.”

“Shit.” I cursed not because of anger but more out of disbelief.

The whole two weeks she’d been here she hadn’t said one word about her plan. Now on her way out the door she casually told me she’s been sneaking around behind my back with this whole make a baby thing. I mean what the hell? I didn’t even know where to start with how wrong this all seemed. I rubbed my head some more and pace in the kitchen. I didn’t know where I was trying to go, and the room hardly seemed big enough to hold all my troubles. I just needed air, or common sense, or both. Finally I stopped and stared at her wide-eyed.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”

Chloe crossed her arms under her breasts and stomped her foot, eyes blazing. “That doesn’t matter. I am.”


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