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Hi everyone,

I wish I could say that I was on vacation but alas, that does not happen until this weekend. However, I was smart enough to take the whole next week off! Yay! Until then, I’m working my ass off at a new job that I started today. Yep, that’s how I roll. Start and leave. Maybe that’s why I like to write short, eh? Leave them wanting more….

Truth is, I like to write short stories and submit them for inclusion with other sexy tidbits from time to time. I hope that readers enjoy the break from their busy day. Mine always seems so buys I never have time to finish a longer book. Sometimes it takes me quite a while. A month to finish a novel! Seriously! But then, there’s always that one exception the book that keeps you turning the pages until midnight. There are a few out there, I know.

What about you, dear reader? Does it take you ever so long to get from point A to point B? Do you prefer it long or short?

In order to tease you a bit I offer this excerpt from a story lurking on my hard drive. Perhaps when I have a moment it will see the light of day.




“April,” he whispered. “Please.”

“Oh no. We agreed. Not mating yet.” I knew it was evil, but damn, I wanted to draw out the sensation of having a man want me so much he nearly exploded on my furniture just touching me.

“Jesus.” He groaned, shaking his head side to side. “You’re going to kill me.”

I tsk’d and slipped my arm between us to grab his cock. The swollen crown was slippery, covered in pre-cum. My pussy clenched excitedly. “No honey, I killed for you.” The horrible scene flashed in my mind and for a second I wondered what Sam had done with the body. In reality, I hoped I never found out.

When he raised his head, his eyes were gold. “I know.” The intensity of his gaze sent a rush through me. I was playing with fire and damn, was it a thrill. “I will never forget that.”

As he spoke, he slowly molded my body with his hands. Without my even realizing it, I slid off the couch and onto my Persian rug. On hands and knees, I faced the other wall with him behind me. It wasn’t long before the tip of his cock nudged my entrance.

“More evidence you’ll soon be my mate. You made your first kill to protect me, April, and I love you for it.” His hand guided his shaft for a second and then it was gone. With a quick jab of his hips, he filled my empty channel. Then his hand grabbed my hair, holding my head up, exposing my neck.

I harbored no doubts that if he’d been right in front of me, he’d have bitten me. Maybe this was his way of protecting me, allowing me the right to wait. Knowing his control stretched so thin made me wetter. I rocked my hips, spreading my thighs to open all the way for him. “Yes, Chase. Fuck me. Hard.”

Hard he did. He drove into me relentlessly, and so fully that each thrust stretched my already aching channel, sending spasms all along his rigid length. For the second time since I’d met him, I clawed the carpet and hung on. Chase pounded me like an animal this time, but I felt no pain. Instead, I rocked my hips back and met every one of his drives, satisfied only by having Chase completely inside me. Completely mine.

Yes, mine.

Chase’s voice resonated in my head. My wolf howled in answer, and suddenly I let go of past and future, existing only for the present with him. We released as one; Chase roaring over me as he speared me, his seed filling my pussy; a sharp cry escaping my elongated throat as my cunt quivered, holding him bound. It seemed I danced on his cock forever, time becoming irrelevant. I knew without asking Chase would keep me safe. That, and his controlled possession of me made me want to beg him to mate me now, before the moment ended. Gasping for breath, I said his name. “Chase.”

Immediately he wrapped an arm under me and raised me up, holding me to his chest. “Yes, love?”

I bit my lip to hold back the words. Don’t say it. Not yet. Don’t. But the damn man wriggled his hips, rocking his cock side to side inside me. I let out a long groan instead.

“Two can tease.” He slid his fangs along the crook of my neck right above my shoulder. “I know you want me, April. But I will wait until you’re sure.”

I turned my head. “Then you won’t… do it now?”

He smiled. Or rather grinned. Devilishly. “What kind of a mate would I be if I used sex to lure you to my side for all eternity?”

I blinked. “Um, my kind?”