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This could be my mantra for 2017. Previous years have been notable for launching my M/M romances, or releasing ELEVEN short stories in the Sexy to Go monthly anthologies.

2017 is the year of the makeover.

It started with my time travel romance series. I took the rights back for the two books already published, and then wrote two more: a world-building novella to go at the beginning, and an angsty, action-filled full length story as book 4. They needed new covers, and a whole new look, and are in the process of being released.

Next is my contemp romance Love at the Beach series. I’ve taken the rights back and am re-releasing them with new covers – and extra content – while I work on the next in series.

I didn’t stop there. Next to be tackled are a couple of sci-fi novellas that I’m going to rewrite in a contemporary setting. I’ve also wrangled new covers for one of my M/M romances (Busted!) and a contemp romance (Perfect Place). My poor, overworked cover designer is also working on a new look for the Event Horizon series, in readiness for the next book to come out at the end of the year.

While it’s one of the many things I love about self-publishing – the freedom to tweak covers when it suits me – it’s also one of the most time consuming. I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent trawling through photo libraries for the perfect cover guys. It’s exhausting * winks *

And then you find him. Mr. Perfect. His smile is flawless. Hair rumpled, and just the right amount of scruff on his chin. The ’look’. I’ll grab a sample image and make a mock up, getting more thrilled by the minute, only to see his smile already adorning a bestseller…

Some readers love the current fashion for topless dudes, while last year the trend was to cut off their images at the neck. Some like muscles on display, others prefer a more subtle approach. One of my favorite covers, and one I get random emails from readers about (telling me how much they LOVE this cover) is Caging the Wolf. This guy is delicious, and the cover works perfectly. I haven’t heard a bad word against it.

So tell me. What do you look for in a cover? Is there anything you hate? Or love?