Dear readers

I don’t know if it’s summer or winter where you live but I have to tell you it’s been too hot these last few days and we are only at the beginning of July. We still have plenty more 100 degree days coming up in August. When it’s this HOT out what’s a girl to do?

You might say, head for the nearest body of water and that’s not a bad idea – if I were a swimmer. Since I’m not and I’m pretty fair skinned I prefer to stay somewhere air conditioned and indoors.  That means more time lazing about for reading. Oh darn!

Well it’s time to get out the old Kindle TBR  pile and see what we’ve got. Mostly a mash-up of Science Fiction, SciFi Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Gay Romance, and a few Cookbooks. There are some misc. contemporary and billionaire romances mixed in ’cause really, who can resist them? So from that expansive list you’d think I could settle one something to read…The truth is i find it very tough to pick what to read next. I am a woman of many moods and if the right thing doesn’t jump out at me I might get fed up and go play with my chickens. And that is how come I have so many books in the TBR pile that I don’t manage to read until years after I bought them – long after everyone else has already it. So if I seem a little slow on the uptake…. and you find me gushing about an author you read say five years ago (LOL), that would be why!

Happy reading everyone,