I’m Sad

Rachel KenleyI’m sad.

No, it’s okay. You don’t have to try to make me happy or point out to me the things I’ve done or I’m doing that I should be happy about.  I can list those, too, and in response I’ll tell you all the things that I haven’t done, that I’ve been meaning to do and that I think I should have done already and in the process, we’ll both end up feeling badly.

I just need to be sad.sadness

If there’s anything I took away from Pixar’s Inside Out it’s the value of Sadness.  She is an important part of our emotions, key and core to our feelings and our eventual ability to feel joy. And for whatever reason we often feel the need to move away from Sadness and/or help others to do the same. I suppose we do this with every emotion other than joy, and I think that’s too bad.  All of our emotions have value. One is not better than the other simply because it is less pleasurable.

sad-catI know why I’m sad.


It has to do with looking at time passing, my children growing, my dreams feeling too far away, goals not reached, commitments to myself broken, and an overall feeling of “why bother.”

I have no doubt this feeling will pass.  Given my history, I will feel better sooner rather than later. I know that if I reviewed my thoughts using Byron Katie’s The Work I might start to turn the emotions around a little faster. I have lots of friends and family who could give me perspective, understanding, smiles, hugs and tissues.

But that’s not what I want.

I want to feel sad.

Does that sound strange?  Most people want to feel good. Happy, joyous, energized, excited, motivated… almost anything other than sad. Look up articles about “sadness” and what they tell you is how not to be. How to change, move forward, let go. The images and quotes are beyond sad – they’re depressing.

And usually I want to move away from sadness but not today. sad

I believe there’s a reason for all of our emotions and unless they’ve become overwhelming to the point where we cannot function, I don’t believe there’s a reason not to have many different ones.  And as I wrote above, I don’t believe any are better than others.

Emotions offer us information.  Fear tells us we’re moving into new areas. Love – and hate – tell us something has become very important to us. Anger lets us know that is situation does not sit well with who we are and how we want to be. From this information we can then make decisions or possibly look for more information.

Sadness tells us to be aware of a loss, a grief. Notice that something is missing or has gone wrong and then make a decision.  Let it go? Make a change? Take time to acknowledge what was and then…

sad-puppyAnd then what?

I’m not sure what yet.  That’s one of the reasons I’m okay with staying with sadness right now. I sense that if I move too fast away from this emotion, I will miss what it is trying to tell me and it is important that I know what it is trying to tell me.

So, for today I’m sad. I may be this way tomorrow too.

Thank you for asking. And thank you for not trying to make me feel anything different.

OMG – 1 week to release day!


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Quick stats for LYING IN SHADOWS (Event Horizon #1)


Time to write first draft: 3-4 months

Time it sat on my hard drive waiting for attention: 6 YEARS!!

Time to review, re-write, edit & polish: 6 months

Time until it’s released: 1 week

You could say, this one’s been a long time coming, but it finally gets released next week. I love the characters in this series, so much that they appear in other cross-over series and standalones. And that’s the beauty of owning the rights to your work – there’s no niggly issues with referencing other characters 🙂

It’s as much romance as it is suspense, set in a high-tech global company, where good people sometimes do bad things. Just like real life.

P.S. – Event Horizon are a rock band. This could be a whole new genre – hot rocker romantic suspense?

lyinginshadowsLying in Shadows (Event Horizon #1)

Marianne needs to find who’s leaking secrets from her company, before they lose another major contract. What she doesn’t need is an affair with her married boss. Even worse, to fall in love with him.

She discovers the security leak is more than a case of commercial espionage: someone is lying in the shadows, playing games with them. Now more than her heart and career are at stake – her life is on the line.



Pre-order for the discounted price of $0.99. From 24 Feb it goes up to $3.99


Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


Marcus was just so damned nice. Marianne had almost forgotten what good company he was and how easily they slipped back into being friends. She sensed there was something he wasn’t telling her. He’d lost weight in the past year, and had new worry lines on his forehead and shadows under his eyes. She almost asked if the rumours about him and Louisa were true, but managed to stop herself in time.

Was this the right moment to ask if his wife was on the verge of leaving him? Was there ever a good time?

“Thank you for walking me back.” It was all of two blocks, but she enjoyed having him at her side.

“Sleep well.” He made no move to leave.

Silence hung between them. Marianne should turn on her heel and walk into the apartment building, but she didn’t. What was it about Marcus that drew her so much? He was a complication she couldn’t afford.

“You too.” The quick hug she gave him was impulsive. Air-kissing cheeks was as close as they’d been up to now. The squeeze he gave her made her pulse quicken, but she moved. Stepped free. “Goodnight, Marcus.” She didn’t look back at him. She couldn’t.


If you want to see how I imagine my characters look, check out the Pinterest board for LYING IN SHADOWS:



Steampunk Inspiration Board – Seducing The Assassin (The Ladies League)


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ssssorcha.pngOne of the ways I keep motivated while plotting and writing is to use a Pintrest board for inspiration. For a particular book or world it can hold all kinds of inspiration and ideas that I may incorporate as I write it. Here is a glimpse at my board for the newest story I’m working on, Seducing The Assassin (The Ladies League). It is chock full of fun steampunk renderings by artists, models wearing steampunk inspired fashions, and some totally hot dudes…’cause, you know…hot dudes. 🙂


(Click the image to see the full color board on Pintrest)

Book Blurb:

London 1842, New Victorian Era

Josephine Stanton, Madame and assassin, has received another assignment from her primary client, Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Granted, most of her jobs come from The Bureau of Steam Technology on her behalf, but she prefers to think of herself as working for her Queen. Content with her life, she sets up her mark only to have her entire world turned upside down and everything she’s worked for put in jeopardy.

John Griffin, the Earl of Melton, is a man of many secrets. A former soldier, he was recalled from the life he loved in order to replace his father as Earl. But with the advent of steam technology, he has found a way to re-engage his analytical side–too bad its more controversial than is proper for a peer of the realm. Walking a fine line as he balances appearances he is not prepared for the beautiful woman who has come to kill him.

Neither of the pair expects the heat that steams them up between the sheets and ultimately sets New Victorian London on its ear.


And here’s a little sample…

Jo tracked the incongruous gentleman from beneath lowered lashes as he lumbered through the grand foyer of The Market. Her special customers were not typically challenging to spot, especially for someone of her specific skill set. But this man was more disparate than normal.

Regardless, his presence made it clear she would be required to kill again. Soon.

The actual act of killing someone had long ago ceased to bother her, but something about this man caused uneasy ripples to slither across her skin. Despite her discomfort, she had a role to play and a brothel full of guests as her audience. After all, as Madame La Roux, the owner of one of the most exclusive houses of pleasure in all of London, she could never let them see her sweat, no matter how much society turned the steam up.

Taking a deep breath in fortification, she glided down the steps to welcome her newest customer. He glanced up at the first rustle of her dress and stood waiting for her as she descended. A calculated study in sensuality, every movement was practiced with the purpose of stoking a man’s desires. The short fringe of ruffles guarding the apex of her thighs but left every tantalizing inch of her hosiery clad legs exposed until they disappeared into her calf boots. A purposeful–and practical–display, that by all accounts left the man’s frigid stare unmoved. Not a flicker of desire. She suspected the differences from the usual messengers would only continue from there. Normally they stood there waiting for her, nervous and twitchy. She would arrive in front of them and they would stammer and stare as they presented her the token. Hands warm and clammy, the metal disc transferred from their hand to hers.

Would this cold man’s hands be warm and clammy as he handed over the disc? Would the aura of excitement be palpable when he came into proximity? No, not this man. This time they sent her someone who knew what he was doing, knew that he was initiating a chain reaction that would result in a life being snuffed out,  and he could not have been more indifferent to the whole situation.

Arriving in the foyer, she strode across the empty space allowing her confidence to shine through. She would not allow him to sense her fear of him, or more correctly his indifference. “Good evening sir, I understand you wished to speak with me?” She allowed her long lashes to dip and shield her eyes from his probing gaze.

“Madame La Roux it is a pleasure to meet you. I was told to present this token and I would be treated accordingly.” He held out the coin pinched between two fingers.

Jo held out her palm, letting it drop into her hand while avoiding touching him in any way. Now she would have to determine which of her girls could handle this man. Indifference was a danger in a man seeking the company of a woman, she should choose a girl strong enough to manage him without getting herself into trouble. There was only one available girl she could trust, Katerina. Accomplished in both the sexual arts and the more lethal arts of an assassin she could manage this man and extricate herself if required. “I believe I have the perfect lady for you, monsieur. Please follow me.” She allowed her fake French accent to lace her words.

“Of course, I defer to your expertise Madame.” He bowed and held out his arm for her to take.

Jo placed her hand in the crook of his elbow, suppressed the urge to shudder, and then led him into the main salon. “La, you must tell me your name.”

“You may call me Mr. Xavier.”

She nodded, easily accepting what she knew to be a false name. It was part of her daily business life whether working as an assassin or arranging a client for one of her girls. The ladies of The Market were some of the most beautiful in London, and maybe even all of Europe, though that may have been her overweening pride. The steamlanterns cast a soft glow around the room illuminating the ladies in the most artful way. Katerina sat near the fire allowing the orange flames to catch the golden flecks of her hair highlighting the flattering fall of silk over one shoulder. Her blue eyes slanted up at the corners, not unlike Jo’s own, and were framed by khol smudged lashes that were the envy of every woman in London. She led Mr. Xavier over to Katerina and made the introductions. Jo casually fluttered her fingers at her neck as she spoke, letting Katerina know that this one was to be handled carefully. He was a wild card and not to be trusted.

The gentleman joined the blonde on the couch where they began to chat intimately. Jo departed quietly, letting the pair go about their business. With the heavy token searing her skin like a brand, she made her way upstairs to change her clothes for her meeting. Her services were required by Queen and country.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

sssshilohI am lucky and get to post on the best holiday for romance authors. This post is a little late because my hubby and I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. *wink*

Do you know the history of this romantic holiday? If not, it probably won’t be what you think.


I love the art in the Victorian era and the valentines were beautiful. I remember making my own valentines for friends and family when I was a child. I’m not sure many people do that much any longer. It is so easy to just drive to the store and buy a box of valentines. In a sense, the holiday has lost some of its sentimentality and magic. I wanted to remind people of the magic of the holiday and to remind them of simpler times. I hope I succeeded in my novella.


Valentine’s Day didn’t start as a commercial holiday. February 14th became a day associated with love thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer. The author of Canterbury Tales wrote a poem in 1382 entitled “Parliament of Fowles,” about the day when birds choose their mates.  In the poem, an embodiment of Nature speaks to the birds:


Birds, take heed of what I say; and for your welfare and to further your needs I will hasten as fast as I can speak.  You well know how on Saint Valentine’s Day, by my statute and through my ordinance, you come to choose your mates, as I prick you with sweet pain, and then fly on your way.


Chaucer’s poem references a pre-existing belief, at least in medieval England, that February 14 is the day when birds choose their mates. So the mating day for birds transformed into a celebration of romantic love.


stg-valentines-day-3d-coverThat was fascinating, wasn’t it? Do the thought of birds mating get you in the mood? LOL.

Well if not, why don’t you try reading Sexy To Go Valentine’s Day Edition. These 10 romance short stories will be sure to do the trick. For Valentine’s Day the box set is on sale for 99 cents!

* * * * * * *

Get Sexy to Go Valentine’s Day edition for $0.99 here:

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Tomorrow is #valentinesday – which roll would you like?


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Tomorrow is the lover’s holiday, Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking of going out on a romantic sushi date with my honey. Yes, indeed. Nothing says romance more than cold squishy fish and a bottle of warm sake! Yum!! A couple of good rolls and we’ll be in heaven.

Of course. you might be thinking of a different kind of roll…. And here’s one of my all-time favorites:

Teri Garr is so young in that movie. I think it was one of her first successes that propelled her to fame. Always a pleasure to watch that movie. I must confess I know almost every word by heart! Just one of those curious things about me.

In other news, the book world is reeling from the announcement that Samhain Press will close at the end of February. Coming on the heels of the demise of All Romance Ebooks, authors and publishers are scrambling to make sense of this shattering news. Nobody said the pqri-badgeublishing world was easy, but this is getting crazy hard.

But there is also some good news. Out of the ashes of All Romance Ebooks – which sold a lot of GLBTQ works – a new GLBTQ ebook vendor has emerged. Queer Romance Ink has opened and is attracting authors both indie and non-indie. Check them out of you wish to shop for some same-sex-loving in one simple marketplace. I think with some sufficient buzz, this just make take off!

Did someone mention buzz? This guy dropped by to help you get your morning coffee fix. I think he might stay a while if you invite him in…

coffee guy.jpg





2 Amazon Gift Card Giveaways #FridayReads


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Happy Friday!

Want to win one or possibly two Amazon Gift Cards? Well, here’s your chance!

Check out these giveaways!

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Have a fantastic weekend, and good luck!

20+ #FREE and #99cents Books – Scandalous Timeless Love Stories ***TODAY ONLY!***


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Lessons to be Learned from Super Bowl LI


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Rachel KenleyIn case you haven’t heard, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl last night. I am not a football fan – to this day I don’t understand all the rules (including the play that earned the Patriots 2 points and forced the game into overtime), but I live in Massachusetts and I’m happy for the hometown “boys”.

Thinking about the game this morning, however, I discovered that there a lot of lessons to be learned from what happened last night.super-bowl-logo

  • If there’s more time, there’s more you can do.

The Patriots scored 25 unanswered points in regulation time, 19 of those in the last quarter. There have been so many occasions when I’ve wished for more time, just a little longer whether for sleep or a project, but the truth is – if you keep going, if I keep going, more can and will get down.  We’ll all get closer to our goals.

  • Don’t listen to others when they say, “It’s over,” “You lost,” or “Give up”.

When I turned on the game at the half (I was hanging out at friend’s house) and saw the 21-3 score, I thought the Pats had blown it. A lot of people did.  Neilson ratings show that viewership dropped off. If you left and counted the Patriots out, you missed the greatest comeback in the history of the game. How many times have we all been told about our dreams and goals to give up, forget it, don’t bother.  The Pats showed us that the *only* think we can do when the dream is important is keep going.

  • Believe in yourself and the support of people around you

I saw Tom Brady fold into a near fetal position and cry after the game ended. He was encircled by reporters but he needed that moment for himself.  He never gave up – on himself or his teammates.  Coach Belechik has said a player can win a game. A team wins a championship.  On the road – or playing field – of your dreams, you must believe in yourself first and accept, when you need it, the support of others.

  • Surround yourself with the best people you can, people who believe in you.

Which is why you have to do what you can to find and keep with you people who support you, believe in you, can hold your dream for you when you’re feeling worn out, because that will happen.  Getting stressed and frustrated doesn’t mean the goal isn’t worth it.  In fact, it’s probably a good indication that it matters a great deal to you. Lean on those who believe in you, then… get back to work.

  • Give 100% through the finish line, not just to it.three-feet

Many people stop, as Napoleon Hill said, three feet from gold. They do SO much work and then just before the finish line, with it in or nearly in sight, they stop.  Pushing through it is the way to go.  No horse ever stops one step beyond, no runner or batter.  You run through, you push completely through.  It seems like a small difference, but when you’ve been working for a long time on a project, a goal, a dream, those last few feet can make ALL the difference.

It was a great game on many levels, one that people will remember and talk about for years to come. I know when I’m struggling and feeling like I’m not going to make it, I’ll think of the 2017 Patriots.

Oh – one more lesson. As my son said when I read him this post, “Never give up, never surrender”.  Yes, there is that too.

#AmWriting – Here are some Hot Dudes and Kitties instead…


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I’m hard at work on the long awaited Out of Time #3 – Juliet’s Soldier, at the moment. It’s early days,  but it’s going well. I love it when a strong man is brought to his knees by an even stronger woman. In this case, Lt Marc Gallagher has no idea who he’s going up against with Juliet Delafield. Uh huh. I’m going to make him squirm *evil laughter*

Anyway. I’m scheduled to post in here today, and I don’t want to miss that, but I also have a really fun scene to write in the story… you can see my dilemma.

The solution is simple.

I turn to Pinterest when I want inspiration, and here’s a cute board to divert you with. What could be more inspirational than Hot Dudes with Kitties. Really, the title says it all. Enjoy!


It’s okay, you can thank me later 🙂





Post of #Manspiration


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ssssorcha.pngLets face it, one of the best things about being a romance author is our ability to “explain” how trolling pictures of half naked hot guys is all part of our creative process. It is. Seriously. I mean, we have to have some inspiration to keep coming up with these hot hunky heros we write about. And since I am starting a new book….guess hat that means? Manspiration time!!!!

So ladies, gird your loins! It’s going to get hot up in here…


Simply sexy…


That is one sexy smirk…


Nothing not smokin’ hot about that kiss…yowza!


Confused baby? I can help…




Holy mother of… *faints*

And there you have it. Manspiration to make your Friday a little funner and kick off a fabulous weekend! Hey that was so much fun, maybe we should do Manspiratin Mondays!? Lets give it a try on Monday and see if you all dig it. 😉

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