Sex, Vows , and Babies… and Reluctant


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Happy Wednesday, sexy peoples!

When I posted two weeks ago, I shared an excerpt from a work-in-progress. I’m super excited today to say I not only have more news about this sexy-naughty short novella, but that I also have a cover to go with it.

Reluctant will be a part of Fiona Davenport’s Sex, Vows, and Babies Kindle Worlds series, and will be available in early July, along with a bunch of other amazing-sexy-hot books by some seriously talented authors. I’m super honored and excited to be a part of this release.

Reluctant is a crossover, it takes place in Fiona Davenport’s world, and features characters from my Your Ad Here series.

I’ll share things like links and dates as I have them, but for today… A cover and a blurb 😀


A Yeah, Baby & Your Ad Here crossover

Jodie’s got the perfect life plan. Finish her graduate work at Stanford, land an internship at the most advanced transplant research firm in the country, and become an innovator in the same field. She didn’t plan for the random variable, thanks to a one-night stand with a guy who has no interest in sharing the responsibility of a child.

The only person Jodie can turn to is the stepbrother who made her life a living hell in high school. Logan is intelligent, sexy-as-hell, and asinine to a fault. He’s got his kind moments… that tend to end with he and Jodie screaming at each other, or screaming each other’s names, after they lose all their clothes. If they can’t stow the fighting-mixed-with-passion long enough to find a solution for the pending new arrival in Jodie’s life, they risk three futures.

If you need something to keep you company until this forbidden romance is available, I have plenty of other sexy books to pick from, and a list on my website:

Until next time, stay wicked & geeky!

Book Updates & Broken Ankle

Who would have known how fast the last two weeks would fly?

Here am I, leg still elevated, and yet I’ve been really busy. The weather has been so beautiful that I’ve been able to sit outside to write and edit. For someone who is supposedly laid up, I look remarkably healthy, with a bit of a tan going on.

Work has moved on too. I’ve had some brilliant news this week. Because we’ve managed to get through the edits of Under the Full Blooded Moon in record time – because, hey what else have I got to do for 12 hours a day? I’ve heard that they’ve brought the release date forward to 11th July. That’s not too long now and I am so excited about this new book. More details next time we meet.

I’ve also submitted my manuscript for Along Came Dani, my Atlantic Divide Series Book 5 and I’m currently working on Book 6.

I think I may ask the hospital if I can keep my cast on a little longer … 🙂

If you’d like a little taste of my paranormal romance, try For Heaven’s Cakes

Twelve years of living in Ireland smoothed Beau’s rough edges, and hard work as a construction worker made him a wealthy man. The call of his pack is stronger than he can resist though, and he isn’t averse to returning to show his small home town in America what he’s made of himself.

What he doesn’t anticipate is meeting the local pharmacist’s daughter – in his wolf form. By day, he renovates the pharmacy, and tries to cajole the lush assistant into having dinner with him. By night he watches Catherine bake her fantastic creations and blossom through her art.

Sleeping on her bed each night in his wolf form isn’t exactly ideal, but how does he tell her the wolf she’s come to love, is the man she lusts over?




Mrs. Timmins turned to see what had caught Catherine’s attention. Her pointed chin turned upward to meet the dip of her nose, which nearly fell into her wizened old mouth as it opened and closed.

He seemed to have the same effect on all women, no matter what age. He was probably used to it.

“Well now, this is precisely what I mean, Catherine.” Mrs. Timmins smacked her lips together. “Hello, young man. Don’t I know you?”

“Yes ma’am. Good to see you looking so well Mrs. Timmins. You don’t look a day older than when I last saw you.”

The harsh cackle took Catherine by surprise, but Beau smiled at the old lady as he leaned his elbow on the counter. She tried not to stare as his T-shirt pulled tight across his chest, but a small whimper threatened to escape.

Mrs. Timmins wiped her dry old lips with the back of her hand. “I remember you. You’re the middle Devlin boy. The one who left to make his fortune.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And did you?”

“I did.”

“Good. I never did believe all those rumors about you being trash.”

Catherine almost choked, but Mrs. Timmins hooted with laughter and patted Beau’s arm, pausing a moment to give it a sly stroke.

With a regretful sigh, she peered near-sighted into his face. “Are you married?”

“No ma’am, are you proposing?”

The hawking laughter drew Catherine’s gaze away from the flexed muscles of Beau’s arm to the old lady who seemed to have difficulty breathing. Another side effect of the hunk’s presence. He had the ability to stop a woman’s breath.


“No ma’am.”




It wasn’t deliberate, but Catherine simply couldn’t stop uttering. “Definitely not!”

Heat washed over her as they both stared at her. Beau’s slow smile made her want to hide under the counter. She’d never had the ability to stop words blurting from her mouth before her brain had the foresight to stop them.

She tried a casual shrug, but from the deep laughter lines slashing into his cheeks, her awkward jerk had been just that.

“There you go. I just told Catherine how she needed a man to give her a real good…”

“Mrs. Timmins!”




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The Virgin Madam in Audio #FFromance


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sssshilohShiloh here. The past month has been a blur. I’ve tried to get some writing in without much success. Last weekend I did plant my flower and vegetable gardens so that’s something!

Even though I haven’t been writing lately I do have some news to share. I’m excited that the wonderfully talented Audrey Lusk has agreed to do the audiobook of The Virgin Madam. She also did the audiobook of my FFM menage Private Pleasure. I approved the first 15 minutes of audio a few days ago. It really transports you back to the old west. Yay!

For the most part, F/F romances do not sell as well as M/M romances or menages. I’ve noticed that some romance publishers have even stopped accepting F/F submissions because of the lack of sales. Still, I have hope that the audiobook will sell better than the ebook. After all, listening to smut is so much more fun than reading it!

If you do not want to wait for the audio or would rather read The Virgin Madam it is currently on sale for 99 cents.


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The Virgin Madam 2


After her Papa is murdered by a member of the Fletcher Gang in 1879, Laura Rutherford inherits a brothel in Bitterroot Flats, California a town run by outlaws. She secretly lusts after the working girls in her establishment thinking her urges will prevent her from finding love, and she is destined to live life as the Virgin Madam.

When Joe Bascum comes to her brothel asking for a room she is surprised to learn that this young cowboy is actually a woman in disguise and she wants to fulfill her fantasy. But a member of the Fletcher Gang is hunting Joe out for revenge. Will the outlaws prevent them from starting a life together?

Travel to your heart’s content #happymonday


Are you interested in traveling but don’t want to leave your comfortable couch? Try a travel / long-distance love themed anthology instead!


This new F/F collection includes my story, “Man Trapped Madeline.” In case you’re wondering how this story qualifies as a long-distance romance, read more:


Montana veterinarian Madeline is about to let her fast-moving lover depart when she’s hit with a bombshell. Chloe wants a baby and she wants it now. Stunned, Madeline must contemplate her options quickly and either “man up” or lose the woman she loves.

Lesbian Couple Together Indoors Concept


She whirled and flashed me a smile, but her eyes radiated worry. “There’s something I’m going to do when I get home that I haven’t told you about … yet.”

I scratched my short-trimmed dark hair and prayed for patience, but unease quickly settled into the middle of my chest. It wasn’t like her to keep secrets from me, at least not that I knew of. I sure didn’t have any secrets from her. What she saw was what she got—a stocky mid-thirties rural veterinarian butch living in a comfortable, modernized cabin, who was ragingly in lust with her.

“All right. Is it about your job?”

She shook her head, swishing the cascade of blonde curls around her shoulders. The hair always made her appear young and innocent, but I wasn’t quite buying it.

The worst-case scenario popped into my mind. “Are you … leaving me?”

She came forward and took my hand. “No, silly. But I have made a decision you might not like.”

Oh boy. I was too afraid to ask, so I remained silent, waiting.

She must have gathered her courage from somewhere deep within and found enough of it because her head lifted and her chin came up. “I want a baby.”

“What?” I screeched the word like a pair of squealing breaks on a two-ton pickup truck. If she’d of said she was moving to Mars, I would have been less shocked, but a baby? That was a whopper.

Chloe let go of my hand and backed away toward the door, the last place I wanted her to go.

Grasping for a straw, I stated the obvious. “But … we haven’t discussed a family.”

“I know.”

Was that bitterness I detected in her tone? My mouth dropped open as I found myself suddenly on the defensive. Too stunned to move, I watched her move closer and closer to her suitcase.

“But I’m not getting any younger, Maddy.” Her fingers made a brush over the top of her belly as if imagining a fetus nestled there. Then she bit her lip like she always does when she’s determined.

“I need to get this done, so I’ve made an appointment with the doctors for in vitro. I’m getting my first round done as soon as I get home.”

“Shit.” I cursed not because of anger but more out of disbelief.

The whole two weeks she’d been here she hadn’t said one word about her plan. Now on her way out the door she casually told me she’s been sneaking around behind my back with this whole make a baby thing. I mean what the hell? I didn’t even know where to start with how wrong this all seemed. I rubbed my head some more and pace in the kitchen. I didn’t know where I was trying to go, and the room hardly seemed big enough to hold all my troubles. I just needed air, or common sense, or both. Finally I stopped and stared at her wide-eyed.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”

Chloe crossed her arms under her breasts and stomped her foot, eyes blazing. “That doesn’t matter. I am.”


Get the anthology now on Pre-Order via Amazon.

Happy reading!


The first hints of winter


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Yup, I said winter. For us, down in New Zealand, summer was over weeks ago. In theory, this is autumn, but when the night temperature drops into single figures (that’s 33 – 48 degrees F), it sure feels like winter.

Wellington is at the mid point of New Zealand, and believe me, when the southerly wind blows, there’s not a lot of distance between us and the South Pole. That wind bites, especially when it’s carrying horizontal rain, or tiny drops of hail. And Wellington gets a LOT of wind.

That’s why days like today, with clear blue skies, and hardly any breeze ruffling the remaining leaves on the trees, are so special. We can pretend it’s still autumn, for a few hours at least.

While part of me is firmly convinced we should still hibernate throughout the winter months, there are some things I enjoy. In no particular order:

  • a wood-burning fire, with a pile of fragrant, dry logs ready to go
  • the softness of woolen hats, gloves and scarves
  • snuggling into a down-filled coat, and wrapping it around you (on the train) like a mini quilt
  • a winter-weight duvet on the bed, and maybe a fluffy blanket on top; for the cats, you see
  • drinking hot chocolate in the morning, just because 🙂
  • listening to the rain pounding the roof at night, while I drift off to sleep

It also gives me the perfect excuse to not venture out much at the weekend. Curling up with a great book, a glass of wine and a crackling fire… yeah, that’s pretty good.

But until then, I’ll make the most of these last perfect days of almost-summer.

P.S. The beach picture was taken this afternoon. See what I mean about blue skies?

Which season do you like the best?


Whatcha’ Readin’?


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While I don’t generally have a huge amount of free time to laze around and read, I have been reading lately. Since I read on my phone, you’d be surprised where and when I find the time to squeeze in just one more chapter! Here are a few of the books I’ve read recently…

Buck (Rope ‘N Ride, Book 1) by Em Petrova

It ain’t easy being a rodeo reality star—especially when you’re expected to marry your ex.

After a TV network approaches the six Calhoun family members about doing a rodeo reality show, they jump on the opportunity for even more income needed to keep their ranch in the family. But now that Buck’s knee-deep in film crews, he wishes like hell he could un-sign his name from that contract. Having his personal business aired is no damn fun, and America doesn’t know his fiancée broke things off with him.

Channing loved Buck the moment she spotted him on top of his powerful horse. But she’s had enough of his cool, emotionless personality and she wants out. Only she signed up for this reality series, and she needs that cold hard cash to keep her brother out of the hands of the thugs he owes for gambling debts.

For Buck and Channing, pretending all is well is difficult. Keeping their hands off each other is impossible, and throwing the film crews off their horny scent is a challenge that’s becoming fun. Channing is starting to view Buck in a brand new light. And he sees her true colors when she finds a way to help the whole Calhoun family. Maybe she really will get that wedding ring and his last name.

Scorpius Rising (The Scorpius Syndrome) by Rebecca Zanetti

For Nora Medina it started when she was yanked off a gorgeous Hawaiian beach, still in her bikini top, and onto her ex-husband’s government jet. A microbiologist doesn’t see a lot of emergency extractions, but marriage to Deacan Devlin McDougall taught her plenty about adrenaline. Nora knows it’s more than their unfinished business that has brought the sexy, maddening Scot back into her life. But she’d never have guessed this.

As a soldier of fortune, Deke has seen too much by any standards. But the terrifying bacterium sneaking through the highest halls of power isn’t his kind of battle. All he can do is keep close to his brilliant, fiery Nora and fight like hell to keep her safe. Because if he lets her get sucked down by the horror that’s coming, he’ll never get another chance at her heart . . .

Hers to Command (Cyborg Sizzle, Book 8) by Cynthia Sax

Three Battered Hearts. One Perfect Love

Ace and Thrasher share a special bond. They’ve never acknowledged that connection and have never fully acted on it. The Humanoid Alliance kill cyborg males like them, deeming the warriors to be defective. Now that Ace and Thrasher have escaped, they don’t trust the cyborg council and their brethren to react any differently. Physical love is too risky for them to consider.

Until they meet her.

Carys is the Commander of a Rebel Battle Station. She has dedicated her lifespan to seeking vengeance against the Humanoid Alliance and the cyborgs who killed her daughter. On her battle station, she makes the rules, and if she wants to kiss, touch, and pleasure two mysterious warriors, she will. Nothing, not even enemy warships and a mass cyborg rebellion, can stop her.

In the midst of a war, enemies can become lovers and loyalties can change in a moment. Can a forbidden relationship between two cautious cyborgs and one unbending human Commander survive?

Hers To Command is Book 8 in the Cyborg Sizzle series.

Due to the number of returning characters in this story, you’ll enjoy Hers To Command more if you’ve read the other stories first.

This is a MMF BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance.

So, tell me. What good books have you read lately?

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When You Give an Author a Plot Bunny


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sssAllysonI’ve been in a writing slump for several weeks. Maybe it’s because I pushed too hard to make too many tight deadlines, or because spring is calling my name and it’s too gorgeous to stay inside, or just because… moon phases?

But the other day I was struck with inspiration. My muse gifted me with an idea for a hot, naughty short story, and my fingers took off typing.

It’s currently untitled, but I have an NSFW snippet to share anyway.


Jodie had entertained a wide array of fantasies where she moved in, sexy teasing and flirting ensued with Noah, and they fell for each other. By the time she figured out that wasn’t happening, and she was the butt of Logan’s biggest joke to-date, pride wouldn’t let her walk away from the roommate agreement.

She rolled onto her side in bed and tried to block out the cries of ecstasy from Noah’s room. They’d already slid under her skin. With each grunt or groan, heat danced along her nerve endings, sparking with the thrum of her pulse. Knowing she wasn’t destined to be the woman in his bed didn’t stop her from indulging in the fantasy.

Laying in bed when he knocked on her door. Asked if she was still awake. She’d say yes and sit up, keeping the blanket over her legs more as a show of modesty than a sincere attempt.

In her imagination, he didn’t move into view, and she didn’t turn. He brushed aside her hair and traced his lips along the back of her neck. “Mind keeping me company for the night?” His words vibrated against her skin.

“I’d love to.”

He glided his hands under her top and up her stomach to cup her breasts. In real life she mirrored the movement. When she dragged a thumb over her nipple, a gasp tore from her throat. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep quiet, but the other noise in the apartment continued uninterrupted.

Jodie pinched and tugged the swollen nubs on her chest, swallowing her moans. She squeezed her legs together as the throb between increased, and kept her hands above her waist. Stretching the moment out. Teasing herself until dampness pooled between her legs, and she couldn’t resist the pleading for release.

“Lie down.” Fantasy-Noah kissed along the edge of her ear, and tugged on her shoulders.

She trailed a path back down over her navel and to lace of her panties. Her fingers were coated instantly as she dipped between her folds. Her fantasy lover moved into view. Brown eyes so dark they were almost black held her gaze. Hair the same color and a scruff of two days worth of beard framed sharp features. It wasn’t Noah, it was Logan who knelt between her legs.

Damn her imagination. It didn’t matter. Need begged for her attention, and if it was only in her head, was her stepbrother any more off-limits than her roommate?

Besides, when fantasy-Logan nipped at her bottom lip, the crushed his mouth to hers, her heart hammered against her ribs and she couldn’t hold back her groan.


This won’t be available until later in 2017, but if you need something to keep you company in the meantime, I have plenty of other sexy books to pick from, and a list on my website:

Until next time, stay wicked & geeky!

It’s Been a While…

I know I’ve been absent recently, and really if I told you the amount of things that have been going on in my life, you wouldn’t believe me.

Funny though how I’d come to believe that everything revolved around me, what I did, how I managed. And yet, the moment I broke my ankle almost three weeks ago now, everything stopped. I had no choice but to give over the everyday chores of running a house, keeping two dogs, two cats, six chickens, a husband and family to my youngest daughter who is home from University. Suddenly all the things I deemed important became “meh, we’ll manage.”

Not only have we managed, but we’ve laughed continually at everything, especially my hopeless ability on crutches.

But we’ve also learnt so much. How brilliant the dogs are at sensing my delicate state. They’ve become exceedingly gentle with me. How affectionate the cats are. They take it in turns to lie on my bed. How my youngest has a flair for cooking now that I’ve stepped back and let her get on with things, and how I can write virtually a whole book in less than three weeks.

Yes, I certainly have. From the skeleton of a book and vague inkling of where I was going, the latest in my Atlantic Divide Series is done, self-edited and off to my critique partners. All in less than three weeks.

I wonder what more I can achieve in the next five weeks, while I have my leg elevated. I’ve already started Book 6 – wonder if I can finish it…


If you’d like to try my books, I have a boxset available at just $1.99 over this weekend. 

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