When You Give an Author a Plot Bunny


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sssAllysonI’ve been in a writing slump for several weeks. Maybe it’s because I pushed too hard to make too many tight deadlines, or because spring is calling my name and it’s too gorgeous to stay inside, or just because… moon phases?

But the other day I was struck with inspiration. My muse gifted me with an idea for a hot, naughty short story, and my fingers took off typing.

It’s currently untitled, but I have an NSFW snippet to share anyway.


Jodie had entertained a wide array of fantasies where she moved in, sexy teasing and flirting ensued with Noah, and they fell for each other. By the time she figured out that wasn’t happening, and she was the butt of Logan’s biggest joke to-date, pride wouldn’t let her walk away from the roommate agreement.

She rolled onto her side in bed and tried to block out the cries of ecstasy from Noah’s room. They’d already slid under her skin. With each grunt or groan, heat danced along her nerve endings, sparking with the thrum of her pulse. Knowing she wasn’t destined to be the woman in his bed didn’t stop her from indulging in the fantasy.

Laying in bed when he knocked on her door. Asked if she was still awake. She’d say yes and sit up, keeping the blanket over her legs more as a show of modesty than a sincere attempt.

In her imagination, he didn’t move into view, and she didn’t turn. He brushed aside her hair and traced his lips along the back of her neck. “Mind keeping me company for the night?” His words vibrated against her skin.

“I’d love to.”

He glided his hands under her top and up her stomach to cup her breasts. In real life she mirrored the movement. When she dragged a thumb over her nipple, a gasp tore from her throat. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep quiet, but the other noise in the apartment continued uninterrupted.

Jodie pinched and tugged the swollen nubs on her chest, swallowing her moans. She squeezed her legs together as the throb between increased, and kept her hands above her waist. Stretching the moment out. Teasing herself until dampness pooled between her legs, and she couldn’t resist the pleading for release.

“Lie down.” Fantasy-Noah kissed along the edge of her ear, and tugged on her shoulders.

She trailed a path back down over her navel and to lace of her panties. Her fingers were coated instantly as she dipped between her folds. Her fantasy lover moved into view. Brown eyes so dark they were almost black held her gaze. Hair the same color and a scruff of two days worth of beard framed sharp features. It wasn’t Noah, it was Logan who knelt between her legs.

Damn her imagination. It didn’t matter. Need begged for her attention, and if it was only in her head, was her stepbrother any more off-limits than her roommate?

Besides, when fantasy-Logan nipped at her bottom lip, the crushed his mouth to hers, her heart hammered against her ribs and she couldn’t hold back her groan.


This won’t be available until later in 2017, but if you need something to keep you company in the meantime, I have plenty of other sexy books to pick from, and a list on my website: http://www.allysonlindt.com

Until next time, stay wicked & geeky!

It’s Been a While…

I know I’ve been absent recently, and really if I told you the amount of things that have been going on in my life, you wouldn’t believe me.

Funny though how I’d come to believe that everything revolved around me, what I did, how I managed. And yet, the moment I broke my ankle almost three weeks ago now, everything stopped. I had no choice but to give over the everyday chores of running a house, keeping two dogs, two cats, six chickens, a husband and family to my youngest daughter who is home from University. Suddenly all the things I deemed important became “meh, we’ll manage.”

Not only have we managed, but we’ve laughed continually at everything, especially my hopeless ability on crutches.

But we’ve also learnt so much. How brilliant the dogs are at sensing my delicate state. They’ve become exceedingly gentle with me. How affectionate the cats are. They take it in turns to lie on my bed. How my youngest has a flair for cooking now that I’ve stepped back and let her get on with things, and how I can write virtually a whole book in less than three weeks.

Yes, I certainly have. From the skeleton of a book and vague inkling of where I was going, the latest in my Atlantic Divide Series is done, self-edited and off to my critique partners. All in less than three weeks.

I wonder what more I can achieve in the next five weeks, while I have my leg elevated. I’ve already started Book 6 – wonder if I can finish it…


If you’d like to try my books, I have a boxset available at just $1.99 over this weekend.



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Eva chickened out! Plus, get some great #deals!


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I know what you’re thinking. I was playing doctor with a boy and when it was my turn to show and tell… I chickened out. Oddly, that reminds me of a Blade Runner scene:

                  It's me with my parents.

        Deckard hands it back to her slowly.  Finally speaks.

                  You remember when you were about six and you
                  and your brother snuck into an empty building....
                  through the basement window ?

                  What? Y-yes....

                  You were going to play Doctor. He showed
                  you his, then you chickened and ran out.


However, no, that’s not the case. I play doctor quite well, thank you! My problem stems from my own over eagerness to paint the new chicken coop in one day. I don’t know why it was so important, but when my body warned me to stop I just ignored it and kept right on going! By nightfall I was flat on my back in pain! Oops!

Here is a photo of the coop btw so you can see it’s prettyness:


I guess I should dub it the killer coop!

Anyway, that’s why my post is late this week. I was still flat on my back Monday! But no worries, I do have some book news for you. This Lovers Day promotion is still going and you have a chance to win a $30 Amazon Gift Card! So do enter and take advantage of these great book deals.

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Remember, do as I say and not as I do!

Happy Weds!


The Virgin Madam – Sexy #FF #western #romance


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sssshilohIt took me a long time to re-release my novella The Virgin Madam. I re-edited the story, and then I had to decide whether it was still going to be the first book in a series or a stand-alone. I hadn’t written any more books in the Girls and Guns series although book 2 is already outlined. I’m happy to stay I’m back on the lesbian romance train.

My current WIP is actually a FFM menage set in Ireland. Girls just gotta have fun. *grin*


The Virgin Madam

(Second Edition)

Girls and Guns, Book 1

By Shiloh Saddler

The Virgin Madam 2


After her Papa is murdered by a member of the Fletcher Gang in 1879, Laura Rutherford inherits a brothel in Bitterroot Flats, California a town run by outlaws. She secretly lusts after the working girls in her establishment thinking her urges will prevent her from finding love, and she is destined to live life as the Virgin Madam.

When Joe Bascum comes to her brothel asking for a room she is surprised to learn that this young cowboy is actually a woman in disguise and she wants to fulfill her fantasy. But a member of the Fletcher Gang is hunting Joe out for revenge. Will the outlaws prevent them from starting a life together?


Amazon Universal: http://mybook.to/VirginMadam

Apple IBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-virgin-madam/id1226004220?mt=11&uo=4
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Shiloh_Saddler_The_Virgin_Madam?id=EC-nDgAAQBAJ

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/ebook/the-virgin-madam-1

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-virgin-madam-shiloh-saddler/1117313211?ean=9781508077336


Short Excerpt:

Where was I going to sleep tonight now that a man was in my room? Oh dear … I had forgotten to give him a towel. I grabbed one from behind the bar and hurried up the stairs, trying to figure out what I was going to say. It wasn’t proper for me to enter his room knowing he was taking a bath. But Mr. Wilson was breaking up a fight between two cowboys and he was the only man in my employ. I knocked on the door.


“Who is it?” Mr. Bascum called.


“Laura,” I said. “You’ll need a towel. I’m sorry I forgot. I—”


“Come in.” His voice cut off my babbling.


I swallowed hard. My cheeks burned even before I touched the doorknob. I opened the door, my eyes squeezed shut.


“You’ll run into the furniture if you don’t watch where you’re going.”


I opened my eyes, my attention naturally snapping toward the voice. Sitting emerged in the tub was Mr. Bascum—or rather Miss Bascum. I blinked at her small exposed bosom. “You’re, you’re a she.”


She laughed, the pleasant noise reverberating through the room. “Name’s Josephine, but don’t go spreading it around.”


“Why are you dressed as a man?”


Josephine let out a deep sigh. “That is a long story. The short answer is I’m safer traveling as a man, and society frowns on a woman wearing trousers, riding horses astride, and handling a gun.”


“I see.” And now I knew why I was attracted to this stranger—she was a beautiful woman with blue eyes I could easily lose myself in.


Tasty Cookies and a Delicious Threesome


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Control Games, the long-awaited book 2 in Allyson Lindt’s scorching Game for Cookies series, is here!



Control Games

Julie is living her dream, opening a video-game themed cookie bouquet shop with her best friend. But it turns out even dreams come with stress and sleepless nights. Their primary investor, Dante, is as overbearing in real life as he is on his award-winning cooking show. On the other hand, he’s sexy as hell, and his boyfriend, Christopher, is as kind as he is a gorgeous, drool-worthy geek of a guy.

When the tension of trying to keep her business together threatens to tear Julie apart, Christopher’s got a solution for teaching her to share the workload. If she can surrender control in the bedroom, it might help her delegate in the office.

What starts as game where blindfolds and submission are the board pieces becomes more serious. Until Julie discovers that Dante and Christopher have kept a secret from her that shatters her trust, leaving their hearts and jobs one move away from game over.

Excerpt from Control Games

Julie swore every eye was on her, as she walked through the hotel lobby and toward the elevators. Her heart hammered so hard, she was surprised it didn’t pull an Alien and leap from her chest. With each footstep, she told herself to calm down. Herself wasn’t having any of that.

She reached the room, used the keycard, and pushed inside with a tentative, “Hello?” A lamp near the bed was on, but there was no one in the room. She clenched her fist, to stem the surge of uncertainty. She wanted to think this was a joke after all, but none of her believed that was the case.

She moved farther inside, eyes adjusting to the dim lighting. In the middle of the comforter, on top of the mattress, there was a black scarf and a piece of paper with a note scrawled in neat printed letters.

Take your clothes off. All of them. Kneel in the middle of the bed and put the blindfold on.

Her pulse threatened to rip free of her veins. This was a bad idea. She should leave. But mingled with the uncertainty and fear was an intense ache of desire from every sensitive region of her body, amplified by throbbing curiosity.

She did as the letter instructed. Cool air kissed the dampness between her thighs and slid like silk over her nipples. It took the last of her reason to keep her hands from shaking as she took a spot on the bed and tied the blindfold in place.

She dug her fingers into her palms and rested them on her upper legs, straining her ears for any sound out of the ordinary. The climate control hummed a discordant tune with the ringing in her ears. Voices from the hallway drifted closer, cranking up her heartbeat, then floated away again, leaving her with a misplaced rush of adrenaline that had no outlet. Were those footsteps, outside?

The lock whirred, the hinges creaked, and seconds later the door latched shut again. Then nothing.

“Hello?” She had to say something. The alternative was screaming.

About Allyson Lindt

Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She prefers that her geeky heroes come with the alpha expansion pack and adores a heroine who can hold her own in a boardroom. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.

Find Allyson Lindt Online

Is Romance better than Chocolate?


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What do we secretly love about Easter? C’mon, be honest, it’s the chocolate. So why are 75+ FREE and bargain $0.99 romances ready to stuff your Kindle better than chocolate?

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Yeah, we’re not either. But hey, fill up your e-reader with these amazing romances, grab your chocolate stash and enjoy. Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter with a chance to win a further 60 e-books with many authors offering you another FREE book just for signing up to their newsletter.

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Kate’s worked hard to reach her senior management position, and she knows a long-distance relationship is impossible, even if she falls in love with Jordan.

He wants to promise her a happily ever after, but is she ready to throw away her career for him?




Happy Easter 🙂

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Writing Holiday Stories out of Season


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sssshilohUsually, I find it hard to write holiday stories unless the holiday is just around the corner. Publishers typically want holiday stories 4-6 months ahead of the holiday. So I’d have to write my Christmas romance in the middle of summer. It is hard to think about snow when it is 100 degrees outside. Okay, maybe it isn’t. 🙂

There seems to be a lot of holiday calls already listed. Or maybe I’m just looking more closely this year. I just finished a Halloween short story and am looking at another Halloween call for novellas. I’ve already started a Christmas story with a reindeer shifter, too. So I guess I’m really getting into the holidays this year.

I don’t seem to have as many random story ideas in 2017. Something needs to inspire me, or I need to write for a purpose. I think I’ll try to write for more calls this year. I’ve already had two stories accepted that I’ve written for calls. That’s a good start.

So as research for my next Halloween story what is your favorite paranormal creature? I keep changing my answer depending on my mood. Right now I think demons are pretty darn sexy.

Sexy Torso